The Round “Rampant” Vault by Juan Guas_03 Print E-mail

[....]The construction of the boss stones needs, as we explain in the previous vault, the detailed drawings, in plan and in elevation, of each of the different boss stones. The plan is redrawn over the top flat face of a stone big enough to contain the entire piece. Once done, the carving process could start by removing the excess stone vertically (photo 9,10,11,12).

As we know, from the elevation drawings we can take the accurate angles that allow us to cut the arms of the boss stone with its proper angle. As we can see this angle can take as reference either, the horizontal plan of the top of the boss stone, or the horizontal plan of its lower face (photo 13,14, 15).

Finally, As already we know the construction of the tas-de-charges requires again the full scale elevation of the vault in order to know the height of solid massif of the cluster of ribs. Once the height of this piece is determined, it is divided in horizontal ashalar and, using the horizontal projection of them, the different templates needed for its construction are obtained (photo 16,17). [....]

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