The Round “Rampant” Vault by Juan Guas_02 Print E-mail

[....]Unlike the previous vault, now, the shape of the vault is the consequence of the application of a fundamental gothic principle: the standardization of curvatures. Now the shape of the vault is not really important, the crucial aim now is to make the construction of the vault easier using for that only one arch. It is true that in its springing the arches are not tangent to the vertical axis but it is extremely difficult to notice such a irrelevant detail (photo 5).

In this case, as all the voussoires have the same curvature only one bebel is necessary, the bebel built with the curvature of the diagonal arch, the simplification of the construction reach also the construction of the centerings because, now all the wooden arches are also the same (photo 6,7,).

Following this principles we start to carve a lot of voussoirs all of them with the same curvature, and the same slope as the lateral layers (photo 8). [....]

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