Removing the centring of Vandelvira’s vault in Brignoles, France Print E-mail

As a part of the events of the Journée du Patrimoine of Francia 2012, as been removing the centring of the Vandelvira’s vault built in the training workshop Atelier de la Pierre d’Angle (Brignoles, Var). This work has been directed by the professor Romain Moule and the advice of José Carlos Palacios Gonzalo, professor of the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura of Madrid.
The Vandelvira’s vault is a cross ribbed vault, never built, that appears in the treaty of Alonso de Vandelvira entitled “Libro de las traças e cortes de piedra”, probably written around 1590. Is a vault built using Gothic ribs but, contradictorily, its shape is spherical. The two concentrical wheels of subsidiary ribs remember the hearth globe. This vault is certainly a prototype with which Vandelvira tries to link the Gothic architecture to the Renaissance.
Previously, this vault had been built in the Workshop on Gothic Building Methods of the Escuela de Arquitectura de Madrid. This site contains extensive informations about this vault.